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Frey Aeschlimann

FMH Gynecology and obstetrics gynecology

Medicine Practical Assistant

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Medicine Practical Assistant
Prof. Dr. Breymann

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Medicine Practical Assistant
Dr. Nancy Frey Aeschlimann

Julia Restaino

Medicine Practical Assistant
Dr. Nancy Frey Aeschlimann


Within the scope of our care philosophy, we respect the wishes and needs of patients, parents, and couples. Our patients receive comprehensive and holistic care. In order to convey as much skill, competence, and safety as possible, follow-up care is one of our utmost concerns, in addition to preventative measures, diagnostics, and treatment. Our most important principle is respecting and maintaining the dignity of patients who are ill.
We request second opinions and specialist consultations to guarantee a flexible and trusting relationship with referring physicians. For us, good information and communication are required for providing optimal care to patients referred to us.
Our treatment is based on the values of competence, honesty, empathy, and quality.

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